The overarching theme of my work is "Wonder Illuminated." To question, to explore, to seek, to unravel, to be perplexed, to interpret, to imagine: is to be human. What we sense, feel, judge, categorize is both beyond us and yet a product of us as well. I first came to understand that the camera could become a powerful vehicle for my own creativity when I took a photograph of a magnolia blossom at Carl Shurz Park in NY. In that experience I began to see that there was more to the blossom and more to myself than I had known. I was fascinated by the intricate and delicate world there before me...I wanted to share it and pay homage to it.

This world can be a mean and cruel place, but it also is infinite in its capacity for beauty. As Milton observed. "the mind is its own place, and in itself, Can make a Hell of Heaven, a Heaven of Hell." Often for me, taking photographs is a kind of spiritual exercise. It is my way of exploring the true, the good, the all its vast array.

I hope you enjoy my work.